DISC Clues

The Entertaining, People-Loving High I's .....
They hate doing anything alone, even shopping
They would rather talk than write and details drive them 'bonkers'
They're great in sales [especially new clients] and PR
since they love to meet people and work a crowd
They're the 'weavers' when walking and driving

The High I's want to be noticed, form networks and be included
so drop names and include testimonials --
especially people they know, the 'in crowd' and well known names.
Don't bother forcing them to read the fine print.
Gently bring them back to the 'close' when they veer off on tangents.
They are fast IMPULSIVE buyers so be sure to
follow-up often and give them good service.
If you do, they'll TELL THE WORLD to come to YOU!
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