DISC Clues

The Supportive, Let's-All-Get-Along High 'S'
They have a shy smile and soft, warm voice
Their biggest concern, even in a business setting, is the comfort and feelings of others
They are the most patient and understanding of the four behavior styles
The High 'S' is the very slow and meek walker
They are happiest with steady, daily routines

The High 'S' becomes uncomfortable when rushed so do NOT use high pressure
or rush them into making decisions -- be sure to use a soft voice and slow speech.
They want security and concern for the feelings and impact on others so provide assurances
that you will 'walk them through each step', be available for questions and help, etc.
High 'S's rarely tell anyone 'No' directly or make decisions quickly so do not ask 'Yes' or 'No' questions.
Stay in touch with the High 'S' before, during and AFTER a transaction and
they will be your most loyal and supportive clients.
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