DISC Clues

The Conscientious, Quality-Oriented High 'C'
For precision, data analysis or risk management, ask a High 'C'
They believe in being 'right' and place high standards on everyone, including themselves
They do not like crowds or those who break the rules
The High 'C' is always mentally 'scanning' people, situations, and information
They are moderate-pace, precision, 'ramrod-straight' walkers
They listen for the problem so that they can provide a logical solution

They are the most analytical and skeptical of the four behavior styles
so come prepared with credible research and facts.
Do NOT invade their space by touching them or asking personal questions and opinions.
Provide written data and time for them to 'double-check' your information and do their research.
Answer their questions with facts and data, be credible and be consistent.
When you have High C's in your corner, you have met their 'High Standards'.
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