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  • 52 Fast, Fun, 'Flash' Cards
  • Develop the MOTIVATOR Habit with Weekly Reminders
  • Dialogue for Motivators Motivators versus Behavior What Motivates YOU?
    Determining Motivators The Two Types of Utilitarians Four Types of Aesthetics
    Careers-Theoretical Favorite Phrases-Theoretical Theoretical Quote
    Careers-Utilitarian Favorite Phrases-Utilitarian Utilitarian Quote
    Careers-Individualistic Favorite Phrases-Individualistic Individualistic Quote
    Careers-Aesthetic Favorite Phrases-Aesthetic Aesthetic Quote
    Careers-Social Favorite Phrases-Social Social Quote
    Careers-Traditional Favorite Phrases-Traditional Traditional Quote
    Leisure Activities-Theoretical Public Figures-Theoretical 'Buy' Statements
    Leisure Activities-Utilitarian Public Figures-Utilitarian Favorite TV Programs
    Leisure Activities-Individualistic Public Figures-Individualistic Frequent Donations
    Leisure Activities-Aesthetic Public Figures-Aesthetic Reading for Values
    Leisure Activities-Social Public Figures-Social Values Conflicts
    Leisure Activities-Traditional Public Figures-Traditional Songs for Motivators
    Movies for the Theoretical Movies for the Utilitarian Movies for the Individualistic
    Movies for the Aesthetic Movies for the Social Movies for the Traditional
    Familiar Objects and Scenes Double 'Whammies' Rose Garden Motivators
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